Sexy Text Message Info

1. Be engaging and not boring. Predictability and boredom are among the biggest crimes in text flirting. Text messages should be interesting and entertaining. You should enjoy yourself and send interesting and entertaining text messages. A total Snorefest. You're bound to receive the same messages from each guy you meet, so try something different. You can give her something beyond that, something that gives you the incentive to reply, like "you completely cheated on football last night." I want a rematch.

2. Get personal.Text messages can be a little impersonal at times, so do your best to make them as personal as you possibly can as you can. This will create more of an impression between you. Make sure to include her name in your message. Girls feel a genuine thrill from seeing their name in a message, there's something much more intimate about it. Alternately, you can utilize her nickname. It makes it look like you're sharing an inside joke. Use the terms "us" and "we" when you write your posts. This creates an "me and I against the World" feeling that girls love.

3. Make her feel special by giving her a nice compliment. You could say, for instance, "Wow. I love your hair today. You're gorgeous." It's clear why girls love being complimented. It makes them feel loved and valued. Try adding some compliments to your messages. One classic compliment, and efficient, is "I cannot stop thinking about your white and black dress" or "You have the most bizarre sense of humor -but it's fantastic!" Don't be a jerk when you say your compliments. Don't try to be charming or try to get on her good side. A fake compliment can be identified by women right away. Have a look at this love relationship sms for recommendations.

4. Be a bit in the realm of mystery. Although it's fine to be mysterious in your text messages, you should make her feel like she is chasing you, and not the reverse. Therefore, you should try to be vague or aloof sometimes but not to the point that she becomes suspicious about your actions. If she asks you what your day was like, for instance, don't send back a lengthy message chronicling every dull aspect (see the first step). Try saying "It was quite bizarre actually." It's amazing to me that people can be so fascinating. I'm sure she will be interested and will ask for additional details in her next message. Be careful when you want to discuss your plans for the weekend. Telling her you're probably just going to spend the weekend doing research for a project due attract her. Inform her that you're about to take on a dragon or some other bizarre creature. It doesn't have to be true.

5.Tease her with a little. Tasting is a fantastic flirting technique that can create a sense of intimacy between you without becoming too serious. As I've said, calling your girl cute nicknames (one that you only use) is a fantastic method to make fun of her. Some examples are "freckles", "little miss perfect" and similar ones. Find out what she said or did when they last hung out. For instance, if you tell her she's about to get Coke, you can say something like "just do not squirt it through your nostrils like you did the last time ;) ". This is called call-back humor. It makes you think of the time you had fun together. It makes her think positive about your relationship. Be careful not to get too far from being mean or offensive or your relationship could die a swift death.

6 Try to be a bit provocative. It's impossible to have an intimate text-female connection without flirty, flirty tips to keep it exciting. You could also inquire what dress she's wearing. Another technique is to deliberately make a mistake and interpret a harmless comment she makes into sexual. For instance she says "I can't believe how long it took!" The reference is to a film or a similar object then you can simply say "that's how she said." If you're nervous about getting sexy in a casual manner, you could mention you just got out of the shower. If she responds with a sexually flirtatious tone (like "dang. I'd like to have that") it's possible to see that she's willing to try. See this special words for love for examples.

Text Flirting Etiquette
1. Keep your messages brief and sweet. Long texts can be tedious and make you appear overly eager. Keep your messages short and concise. No more than three or two sentences is an acceptable limit. Every message should be entertaining and clever or sweet.

2. Send the same number of texts. Always send the same amount of messages to all the people who is in your texting relationship. The sending of too many text messages can make you appear to be a bit too enthusiastic or open. It will make you seem too confident, which could result in her becoming scared or lose interest. If you send excessive amounts of texts, she might think you're disinterested. If she thinks this way, she might consider you an unworthy person. If you send the same amount of texts to her is a great option to keep a good even balance. Be aware of who is taking the lead and who is ending each text exchange - try to change the order if it's possible.

3. Make sure you are careful when spelling and grammar. Text messages should give an impression that you're clever and knowledgeable. It's not easy to do this if you're not "txtin-lyk dis". Teenagers may be able to do it, but anyone above 18 years old should be paying more pay attention to grammar and spelling.
It doesn't take a dictionary to appear intelligent. Simply go through the text you're about to send to check for obvious misspellings or typos. The way that your text is read can significantly depend on punctuation. For example, if your girl has sent you a photo of her wearing a new outfit, "wow!" You sound a lot more enthusiastic with "wow!" than simply "wow" and "I loved it ..." is more flirty and suggestive that "I loved it." Don't go overboard with the exclamation points, question marks, smiley faces winky faces and other emoticons. They are powerful in the right context, however, they may appear trite in the event of excessive use. Have a look at this roller coaster relationship message for examples.

4. Don't allow the conversation to drag on. It is important to be able to stop an unproductive conversation. If you stop the texting conversation for too long, it is easy to run off on exciting things and cause the conversation to become boring. To keep her interested in further conversations, it's important to end the conversation before the time limit. Make sure you use something sweet and flirty to end the conversation, for example "gotta rise, babe, we'll talk tomorrow." Don't be too involved, just for me!" or "Time for bed - need to get my beauty sleep. I'll see you in the morning!"

5. Do not use text flirting in lieu of actual flirting. Text flirting is best used as a temporary flirting tool in between actual flirting sessions. While texting is wonderful and it's great for all (and it's possible to make comments that you'd rather not say in person) but nothing beats the sparks that fly when you flirt in the flesh. Make use of your texting time to arrange a date, or organize your next casual date. It gives texting a purpose and is something you and your partner can look forward to. Remember that things such as eye contact a bright smile and a quick sweep of the arms beat out words on screen at any time.

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